How to delete Google Maps History [100% Working]?

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How to delete Google Maps History [100% Working]?



Google Maps is a map and satellite imagery service developed by Google. Through it, it is possible to consult the distance between certain places, find specific establishments, check your displacement on a certain date and have access to several other features.

Considered the most used digital map in the world, a very recurring question from software users is how to delete Google Maps history. If this is your case, we have prepared a complete article on the subject.

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How to delete location history from Google Maps

A feature that many people are unaware of in Google Maps is that it usually saves the daily route of its users, saving information such as the places you passed on a certain date, as well as the means of transport used to move between them.

How to delete Google Maps History

While it’s a great way to remember everything you’ve done in the last week or to check out the restaurants you’ve visited on vacation, many people may feel uncomfortable with this tool’s existence due to privacy concerns.

However, deactivating it is very simple, it is only necessary to follow a few steps:

1. Access your timeline

On an Android or iOS smartphone, press your finger on your profile picture and then select “Your timeline”. Click on the three dots located in the right corner of the screen and choose “Settings and Privacy”.

2. Delete location history

If you want to delete all saved information, click “Delete all location history” and confirm the action in the following message. If you prefer to only erase data for a specific day or week, choose “Delete period from location history” and set the days when the app should erase the data.

3. Turn off location history

Another tool available that can also please users is to program Google Maps to never save your location. If this is the case for you, click on “Location history is on” and turn off the functionality.

How to perform the procedure on the computer?

For those who are accessing the software through the computer, it is possible to make the same changes by selecting the three bars located in the upper left corner of the page. Then choose “Your timeline” and click the gear icon at the bottom of the page.

Automatically, the same settings above will be made available to users, who must follow the same step by step.

How to delete Google Maps search history?

Google Maps saves the search history in the app for easy access to the results in case the user needs to perform the search again. As an example, terms such as “Restaurants”, “Bus stops”, “Pharmacies” are saved, in addition to the establishments that you also accessed the page, such as stores and malls.

To erase this information using the application, follow the instructions below:

1. Access your profile

Click on your Google account profile picture and then select “Settings”. After, swipe up the page and choose “Google Maps History”.

2. Delete your data

A new page will open and to perform the deletion, you must click on “Delete” and choose whether to delete the history of the day, month or from the moment you started using the application. Once you make the choice, the software will delete the data.

3. Schedule automatic deletion

If you prefer, you can also program the app to automatically delete your data at a certain frequency, without you having to carry out the procedure periodically.

To activate the function, click on “Auto-delete” and select the “Auto-delete activities” field. Choose how often the software should erase your data and press “Next” to save your preferences.

4. Configure the app not to save your information

In addition, another possibility for Google Maps users is to configure the application so that it does not store any of your information on the platform. To do this, simply click on “Controls” at the top of the page and select “Disable” in the “Web and App Activity” field. Soon after, no search data will be saved in the history.

How to perform the procedure on the computer?

If you are using Google Maps through a PC, you can perform the same settings as above, by clicking on the three bars located in the left corner of the page and then selecting “Activities on Google Maps”. Then, perform the same procedure as in the mobile version.

Is using Google Maps safe?

Google Maps can be considered a safe platform to use since the location and search information is only linked to the account the user used to log in.

In this way, data deletion tools are made available only so that people can have greater autonomy over what they want or not to be saved on the internet.

Currently, with technology increasingly present in our daily lives, discussions about privacy and online security are being debated more and more, generating diverse opinions from consumers and experts.

So, if you want to know more about this and other subjects, be sure to stay tuned to APKWind’s articles!


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