6 Best ways to go offline on WhatsApp (don’t show up online)

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6 Best ways to go offline on WhatsApp (don’t show up online)



Since the beginning of the exchange of messages, WhatsApp has leveraged our conversations by allowing the exchange of audio and videos, in addition to including calls and even payments. Despite the ease and agility, WhatsApp also raised the discussion of a new form of control over its users and distrust of the privacy offered by the tool.

The default is that every time you access the application, your contacts can see in the conversation window the indication that you are online. So far, there is no option to hide this completely with the settings of the tool itself, but there are applications, extensions, and some tips that can make the use of the messenger more discreet for other users.

1. Settings to not appear online on WhatsApp

One way out of not appearing online on WhatsApp is by selecting notifications and replies directly via shortcuts; that is, if you are able to respond to messages using the fields available in the notifications, you will not have to open the application and, consequently, the status will not appear.

On Android phones, you can access the WhatsApp “Settings” menu and select “Notifications”. Then enable the “High Priority Notifications” option. That way, incoming messages will appear at the top of the screen and you can reply to them in the same box.

On iPhone, this same setting is available in the “Notifications” menu, where you choose “In-App Notifications”. This way you can opt for banners or alerts that allow you to read and respond to messages without having to open WhatsApp.

2. How to use Airplane Mode to not appear online on WhatsApp

If you prefer to open the application to see all the messages with peace of mind, another way to not appear online on WhatsApp is to activate the Airplane Mode on your phone. This option disables the use of data via Wi-Fi and mobile network, leaving the smartphone without internet access.

In addition to not receiving new messages, the application is offline and cannot identify your use or if you are online, typing or the other information that you are active.

3. Google Chrome extension to withdraw WhatsApp online

For those who use the web version of WhatsApp, Google Chrome has an extension with numerous settings — among them, suppressing the user’s online status.

WA Web Plus For WhatsApp is available for download from the Google Chrome Web Store. Once installed, it offers options to disable online status and the “typing” message. To use, just refresh the page after configuration and upload the changes.

The extension offers more changes like blurring messages on the screen to ensure privacy, recovering deleted messages, and a report with useful information. This option is also available for WhatsApp businesses.

4. Apps to hide WhatsApp online status

For Android users, there are other applications capable of completely hiding the online status and that make the tool easier to use.

fly chat

Flychat connects with your other messaging apps and displays chat notifications in bubbles on the screen That way, there’s no need to open the app, so contacts don’t know when you’re online. This option is free, but offers in-app purchases.


Unseen allows you to reply to messages without showing “online” in your status It also has the option to reply directly to notifications, but it allows you to reply directly on the screen of messaging apps, such as WhatsApp. It’s free, but you can make in-app purchases.

5. Is it safe to use WhatsApp GB APK to take online status?

In addition to the Android options that are available on the Google Web Store, there is WhatsApp GB, an APK file that can be installed on the device. The use of this application is not recommended, as it does not pass the store’s security checks, which guarantee the use without damage to the smartphone.

To use it, you need to search for the name on Google, download it and transfer the file to your cell phone. This APK appears in WhatsApp, in the menu, with the option “WhatsApp GB”. By clicking on it, just activate the indications “Hide last seen” and “typing”.

6. Other options for going offline

In addition to offering the message that the contact is online, WhatsApp has the information “Last seen”, which shows the time of viewing the application and can deliver when it is active. To disable indication, it is possible to change the privacy settings in WhatsApp itself:

  • iOS : Click Settings > Account > Privacy . In the “Last Seen” option, select “Nobody”.
  • Android: Go to Menu (three dots) > Settings > Account and go to “Privacy”. In this menu, there is also the option “Last seen”, which can be changed to “Nobody”.


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