How to install APK on Android 11 or Higher Version [Complete Guide] ?

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How to install APK on Android 11 or Higher Version [Complete Guide] ?



Now we’ll be teaching you how to install APK on devices with Android 11 or higher, which for many is something difficult, but in reality, once you learn it, it’s quite simple to do.

We already talked about how to install APK on the Android system, but since then, some things have changed after Android 10, so if you have a newer system, it works differently.

So to help more people, our tutorial will reveal how to install apps on your latest Android.

How to install APK on Android 11 and later

In the middle of 2020, Android 11 brought a change in the way of installing APK on the system, this when it was still in test, but this change is something that remains until today.

install apk in androd 11

This means that we have some changes, which come to make it simpler and more interesting for users.

As the installation procedure is different, we will be teaching you how to install applications downloaded from the internet on the latest versions of the Android system.

  • First step is to install Google Files or use your file manager
  • Now you need to go to settings
  • Soon after apps
  • Find Google Files or file manager in the list and tap on it
  • Locate the option “Install unknown apps” and click on it
  • On the next screen, click on “Allow from this source”
  • That’s it, Google Files or your file manager is ready to install APK on Android 11 or newer version of the system.
  • Download the APK, we currently recommend that you download the applications from the apkmirror website, which is one of the most reliable sites for this task.
  • Enter Google Files or your file manager and find the downloaded item, normally browsers download the items in the Download folder
  • Press on the downloaded APK
  • In the pop-up that appears on the screen, click on “Install”
  • Now just wait for the installation to complete.

A very interesting curiosity, when an APK is installed, if you go to settings, applications, locate the application that has just been installed, and view “app details in the store”, you will find the name of the application that was used for installation.

Although it seems difficult, it’s something very simple and once you’ve done it, Google’s Files or your file manager will always have the permission activated, which will make it easier to install other APKs.

For your safety, we recommend downloading only APKs from sites that are known and that are safe, another tip is, if you are not going to install anything else, disable the “Allow from this source” permission.

As we can see, APK installation on Android 11 or the newer version of the system has changed a bit, but now you have learned how to continue installing apps that are in the store and that you cannot download or install in the traditional way.

Remember that we currently have the APK and APK Bundle, only APK is installed that way, so always download this type of application.

Finally, the tutorial was made with a Samsung Galaxy A71 with Android 11 and One UI 3.1, so depending on your model, the options and settings may be in different places or with different names.


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