Truecaller Mod APK 12.51.7 (Premium/Gold Unlocked) Download

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Truecaller Mod APK 12.51.7 (Premium/Gold Unlocked) Download
Name Truecaller: Caller ID Mod
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 12.51.7
Size 66.89 MB
MOD Premium Unlocked
Category Apps
Developer Truecaller
Google Play Link com.truecaller
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  • Premium Unlocked
  • Gold Unlocked

All of us know that technology is getting improved and improved day by day. And our phone number is not private as we think that it is. So many of of the company and people do make a call to via our phone number.

There is an app which is called Truecaller which is used to detect the phone number and in this article we are going to talk about it. If you want to have a default calling and messaging application in your device then you should try Truecaller premium which is an excellent calling and texting management application. This app is available on Google play store. But if you do want to have the premium membership then you will have to pay for it. True software Scandinavia AB has developed this application. If you want to have all the data of calling and messaging to be saved in your device then read this article.

What is Truecaller premium Mod APK ?

So let us now talk about first Truecaller. Truecaller is an application which is used to detect a numbers information.  Truecaller acts as a communication tool. The Truecaller which is the default calling app on your phone has only a limited number of features of which some might be considered to be basic. Truecaller does have over 250 million users worldwide which gives you an amazing utility is unremarkable experience.

For the premium membership unit 2 paper 8 when you download it from Google play store. but here in this article we will provide facility for free first let us go and see what are the features of Truecaller premium member.

Download Truecaller Premium MOD APK

Download the modded apk version of Truecaller Premium  and enjoy all the premium features free of cost . Usually after downloading it from play store you have to pay to check all the premium feature.

But here you we are providing the premium unlocked apk file of Truecaller get the premium version absolutely free.

Below we have provided APK Download link of Truecaller you can download it from here directly  and do let us know how did you like that in the comment section given below.

Features of Truecaller Premium

well after knowing about Truecaller and Truecaller premium member APK latest now see what are the features that we get extra in Truecaller premium member APK. Following are the features that we get in premium member APK of Truecaller which has been discussed one by one.


Venue you notice a span number which is contacting you then all you need to do is click on block and report spam button. After doing that the Truecaller premium app will collect the information from multiple sources and blocked it and make it in your blacklist.

So whenever someone will call you and you have made their number came into the black list of your true caller ID, then they will automatically cut the call.

Record Phone Calls

With the help of Truecaller premium membership you can have the access to record the call. Truecaller premium member can smoothly record the live call with good quality. If you are a new user then you can sink the  particular recording into your Truecaller cloud.

your country all state does have a law against recording the call then you should think twice before doing so. this is one of the best feature of Truecaller premium apk.

Block Incoming Calls

Truecaller premium member ship APK does give you the feature by which you can blacklist any number in your contact list and that number will be blocked from calling you at that instant. Suppose someone is calling you regularly but do you do not want to pick up the call so all you need to do is make their number in blacklist by using Truecaller premium member APK and they will be in the blacklist.

When that particular colour will call you then the caller will get to hear a busy sign signal and will have no idea that they were blocked while from your side. And you will not get bored by the ringtone. this feature is the top best feature of sugar premium apk.

Block Spam Messages

We get a lot of new messages from different numbers on our number and which is of no use at all in our life.

Wicked message from commercial websites and whensoever we visit particular Mart or mall and when we give a number to the billing counter then after some while we get messages from that place which is of no use to us. Show with the help of Truecaller premium apk you can block the spam messages. Though the text may be get blocked, but you can see them in the list of spam messages. which is quite good because some people to like to see these kind of messages.

No Ads

One of the best feature with the Truecaller premium apk you will not get any ads in between so the app will not bother you while you are using it.

Ads can be a real pain call office especially when we are trying to make a call or type a message, some display ads pops up on our screen and that bothers us. Which Truecaller premium apk we get no ads in between.

Checking of Viewed Numbers

With the help of Truecaller premium apk you have to create your own profile by giving your name photo adress option but this help anyone to create identity of yours on Truecaller and the person will get notified whenever you make a call to them.other people are also capable of being your profile but unfortunately with the help of original free version you can never know who did.

that is why they came with premium membership APK and with that you can see who visited your Truecaller profile.

Backup and Sync to the Cloud

With the help of Truecaller premium members shift APK you can backup and sync all your call data on Google drive like your call history all the contacts and settings and every message that you get iOS into a person.This is a great feature of Truecaller premium apk. show with the help of this even when you change your phone you will never lose your data concerning your calls and you can always sync all into the new device. So you do not lose any of the contact and call history.

So these were some of the best feature of Truecaller premium apk that you will get after downloading it by following the steps given below in the download section.

How to Download and Install Truecaller Premium Apk ?

After knowing all the features of sugar premium apk and what Truecaller premium apk is status now tell you the way by which you can download the apk file of it and use it in your Android device. following are the steps which you must follow to download the apk file of Truecaller premium apk in your device.

  • First of all you need to uninstall the older version of Truecaller which has been downloaded in your device from Google play store.
  • then click on the link given here to download the apk file of Truecaller premium apk.
  • go to the download section of the Chrome browser using the Chrome browser then wait while the download gets finished.
  • When the download gets finished click on the install button then it will ask for some permission go to settings and allow access from unknown sources.
  • Then click on the install button and wait while installation gets finished.
  • Enter your number after opening the Truecaller premium apk.
  • Sign up to the Truecaller premium apk by your number but avoiding all the details and you are done.

so why following all the steps given above you can have your Truecaller premium apk ID in your device and you can use it in your device with so much is which will help you.

FAQ ( frequently asked questions)

We are now inserting some frequently asked question which has been asked by users like you who do want to install Truecaller premium apk in their device.

Is Truecaller premium free ?

If you download the true caller application from Google play store then you want to take the premium membership then you will have to pay for it. you do not need to do so all need to do is download the apk file of premium Truecaller from the link given above in the download section.

Can I have a Truecaller premium ID ?

Of course you can have a Truecaller premium ID all you need to do is download the apk file and sign up with an number as mentioned in the above section of this article.

Is it safe to use Truecaller premium apk ?

Yes it is absolutely safe to use Truecaller premium apk in your Android device. You do not need to worry about your concerns it is safe to use.

Final Words

So here in this article we learn about Truecaller that it is an application which is used to to get the name of a particular person who is calling us from unknown number. Record to know about Truecaller premium apk and what are the features that has been added to the Truecaller to make it Truecaller premium apk. then we got to know about the way by which we can install APK in our Android device and then insert some of the frequently asked questions by the users in the above section.

if you do have any question or queries related to Truecaller premium apk then do let us know in the comment section we will try to answer as soon as possible. Thank you for reading this article.

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